Save Money & Help The Planet This Holiday

Save Money & Help The Planet This Holiday

The holidays are coming in hot & Team Rebby just released a helpful Gift Guide. We want to turn what can feel like a stressful time into a money saving,  planet helping & deal snagging time of year for our loyal Flock! 

Ready to glide smoothly through the holiday season? Check out our tips!

Create a strategy

Creating a shopping plan before you begin spending will prevent you from being swayed by all the holiday marketing out there. Play-it-by-ear shoppers never fail to overspend.  Strategic shoppers know their budget and have a framework of categories they want to spend on before beginning.   

Embrace shopping online

Surfing the web for holiday presents is great for many reasons. You avoid crowded places (especially during Covid) and it restricts you from grabbing more than you need. When shopping online you know want and can remain focussed and prevent overconsumption. 

Checkout the never used- overstock & open box deals 

There are HUGE savings to be had when you shop Overstock and Open Box on Rebelstork.  These items have never been used but could have been an over production, a floor model or simply just arrived from the factory in a box too damaged to be sold at full price.  Paying attention to these items can save you 15%-30%. 

Not everything needs to be brand new

This is the statement of every mom in hindsight it seems.  You can save 30%-80% on amazing baby gear by buying Quality Used.  Plus, when buying on Rebelstork you are guaranteed that every item listed has been quality checked and condition rated by a Team Rebby expert.  

Be mindful of re-sale value if making a full price purchase 

Buying baby gear is a unique.  Unlike buying electronics, handbags, jewelry, footwear etc. your baby will 100% grow out of the gear you purchase.  If you choose to  purchase some items brand new at full price keep the potential re-sale value in mind when making your decision.  Not all brands hold the same re sale market demand and not all colours hold a high value.  Keeping this in mind will increase your earnings potential when the time comes to sell!

Know your pay-over time options 

Flexible payment options for customers has become mainstream on e-commerce platforms. It can help you spend responsibility without overextending while still being able to buy what you need.  On Rebelstork we offer PayBright on all purchases of $500 or more.

Get cash liquid

An easy way to extend your holiday budget and free up some cash is to sell the baby gear you don't need anymore.  Team Rebby is here to help you sell your gear the safe and hassle free way! We will pick up your stuff, do all the work to sell it and transfer your earnings directly to you!  The average seller makes $400 per 4 item pick up! Have gear sell, chat with Rebby here

Ready to snag some holiday deals?  Check out the the Team Rebby Gift Guide  



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