What' s Coming Is Better Than What's Gone!

What' s Coming Is Better Than What's Gone!

“Hi Rebby, I saw an amazing deal on a baby gear item I was looking for, added it to my cart but then decided to think about it.  When I came back to purchase it had already sold.  Are you getting more?”

So here is the thing- unlike a traditional retailer, the majority of the items listed on our site have an inventory depth of just 1 or 2 units.    The bad news? If you don’t act fast the chances you will miss out on an amazing deal is high.  The good news?  Our inventory offering is constantly refreshing, new items are being listed multiple times per day! 

What are the ways you can maximize deal snagging while shopping on Rebelstork?  Team Rebby maps it out below!

Be open-minded & don’t be swayed by brand

It is common to have a particular item in mind that you must have however, often this mindset will prevent you from discovering something else that is equally as fabulous. Don’t fall victim to “brand tax” by only paying attention to the most popular brands. Reminder- All baby products regardless of brand must adhere to the same rules and regulations to be permitted to retail in Canada.

Enjoy the thrill of snagging the deal

More often than not we only shop when we need something. But, in a marketplace environment it is important to keep an eye open for great items at all times.  This  is a fantastic way to score deals and save in the long term. Consistently staying on the hunt for great finds avoids overspending in a pinch.

Look for investment pieces

When looking for great gear/apparel on a marketplace, always consider long-term value. If there’s a potential opportunity for resale, or something you will hold on to and reuse for generations to come, it’s a good investment

Keep a close eye on the “New Arrivals”

New inventory is arriving daily on Rebelstork so it is important to always be checking back to not miss a great deal. Check out the New Arrivals section often to stay on top of newest gear deals. 

Join the email list 

I know, not another newsletters!  But hey, emails are honestly the best way to find out about our special discounts and newest deals. If you really want to feel like a VIP, sign up for their newsletters to stay in the know. 

Ready to snag some amazing deals on Overstock, Open Box & Quality Used baby gear?  Check out the New Arrivals here!

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