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Meet REV™: Our AI-Powered Pricing Technology

REV™ is your quick and easy Resale Estimated Value tool that is able to generate realtime resale value on over 10,000 baby gear models.

Discover Your Resale Estimated Value

Check REV™ Before You Buy or Sell Your Baby Gear

Created so every parent can be an informed shopper.

Powered by AI technology, REV™ is your quick and easy Resale Estimated Value index that is able to generate realtime estimated value on +10,000 baby gear models.

Use REV™ before you buy so you can select wisely and know the money you could make back when the time comes to sell. Let REV™ inform you when it is time to sell your gear to maximize earnings with an instant resale estimate on what your gear is worth!

Become An Empowered Shopper

When Expecting

Use REV™ to research what gear retains its value.

Use REV™ while shopping in stores or building a registry for a resale estimated value quote.

When a Parent

Use REV™ to check the depreciation of your used gear to help guide you on when to sell, trade up, or hold onto your gear.

REV™ Is Powered By AI Technology

Search Recognition

Find your item in our database of over 10,000 baby gear models and generate an instant resale estimated value quote.

Demand Tracking

Continuous collection of market data generates demand metrics by brand and model.

Price Intelligence

Market value price updates are tracked. Never overpay or under-sell baby gear again!

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