The Reluvable Collective

The ReLuvable Collective

More than a marketplace to shop & sell your belongings,
we built the technology solution to create an industry-wide sense of belonging.

At Rebelstork, we stand for a sustainable future and a circular economy — as well as the power of Parenting Lighter™.

The ReLuvable™ Collective by Rebelstork is powered by REV™ and is the SAAS technology solution created for industry leaders to share in our mission to build a more sustainable baby gear industry.

Together, we are a powerful force for good.

Making United Impact

Rebelstork proudly balances purpose and profit, making each business decision with our planet top of mind and minimizing the burden on the next generation. Our environmental advocacy has earned us BCorporation status, the highest standard for socially responsible business.

Our prestige partners are committed to making a difference for future generations through the creation of quality products and their commitment to reuse.

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Our Members

Together we're putting waste to work.

The ReLuvable™ Collective technology minimizes the big carbon footprint of itty bitty feet and powers the circular economy for the best baby gear brands and retailers.

Our members are carefully selected and are truly committed to seamless entry into the baby gear resale economy.

Bumbleride is thrilled to partner with Rebelstork to not only support the circular economy from a sustainability perspective, but to also help Bumbleride customers get more out of their investment in our products.

Babesta x Rebelstork brings a local community together to trade-in their baby gear for convenience to support mama earth and extend the life to another family.

Hudson's Bay x Rebelstork partnership wants to make the resale of your outgrown baby gear simple, safe and easy.

Keenz x Rebelstork is a winning partnership for parents and the environment and allows Keenz families the opportunity to upgrade to a new model, make some extra cash and give their older model to a new family.

4moms is joining the REVolution to extend the life of its gear allowing more families to enjoy their innovative baby gear, like the MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™ and more.

Our Progress

The ReLuvable™ is reducing the environmental and financial impact of raising a child, and we are just getting started!

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