Tips To Earn The Most When You Flip Your Stroller

Tips To Earn The Most When You Flip Your Stroller



Quality strollers are expensive upfront purchases but, when you are done with them you can re-sell to make money back.  If you want to make flipping worth your while, you need to know what shoppers are looking for. Understanding a stroller’s resale value — how much of the original retail price an item retains in the secondary market — is key, but there’s no better way to find out what you’ll earn than to chat with Rebby and use our proprietary pricing algorithm tool! 

Stroller Reselling Tip #1: Enlist an Expert

When you want to know what your stroller is worth use the Rebby Resale Algorithm or email Team Rebby to chat with one of our customer care specialists.  When it comes to pricing, Team Rebby uses real-time advanced algorithms for intelligent pricing that’s derived from internal data and external market trends. Brand resale value, item condition and age all factor in too. And with thousands of items sold, it’s safe to say we’re onto something.  The best part is we do everything for you, from picking up your baby gear and seeking out the highest price the market will demand to photographing and listing them. Easy as that.  

Stroller Reselling Tip #2: Don’t Let Depreciation Spread

For shoppers, there’s nothing more thrilling than finding those core, excellent condition and less than 3-year-old strollers on Rebby; for sellers, there’s nothing like capitalizing flipping them to earn more. Brands that are trending  in the baby sphere are often what buyers want most so don’t hold onto things once your baby has outgrown! 

Stroller Reselling Tip #3: Bank On Brands With High Retained Value

Knowing what to resell is a key part of earning more for your stroller, especially with the many brands out on the market. Not all stroller brands are created equal though, especially when it comes to stroller resale value. If you appreciate investments that pay you back, earn more by selling powerhouse brands like Uppababy, Nuna, Mima & Maxi Cosi.  

Stroller Reselling Tip #4: Clean Your Stroller

Now that you know what to flip … how can you maximize your earnings further? If you’re a clean freak who never lets a speck of dirt settle into your stroller, you’re in luck: clean strollers translate to a higher list price in the secondary market, and a higher commission for you when it’s all said and done. Wiping down the frame and passing the washable parts through the wash makes a huge difference when listed for resale.

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