Are Traditional Baby Registries A Thing Of The Past?

Are Traditional Baby Registries A Thing Of The Past?

While the needs of a newborn baby have not changed much, the needs of todays’ parents have. More and more couples are asking for cash in place of traditional registries to fund their household needs WITH a baby vs. FOR a baby. The modern baby registry has evolved far beyond heading to a store with a scan gun.


What is causing this shift in millennial parent needs?


More Millennial Parents Are Working

72% of millennial parents in Canada are dual income. This has doubled in the past 40 years!  Today’s parents struggle to find balance between parenting, working and personal time. They are looking for meaningful gifts that you cannot buy in stores like meal service delivery, dog walking, night nurse help or babysitting.       

Owning Property Is Expensive

It used to be that couples would get married, buy a house and then begin a family. The current reality is that with traditions changing and housing prices at an all-time high, more new parents are living in much smaller spaces. Many millennials are renting while trying to save up for a down payment. Today’s parents want cash to put towards owning a property to help their family in the long term. 

Sustainability Has Risen In Importance

Millennials are the most educated generation in history and their concern over the environment is real. They shop with reusable bags, carry their own water bottle and are trying to make a difference for their kids’ future. Millenial parents build the supplies needed for baby by shopping a mix of never used and quality used. Cash allows them this flexibility.


So how do you go about asking for cash in lieu of a traditional Baby Registry?


Be Clear

Why do you want cash? Are you saving to buy a home? Do you want the flexibility to shop a mix of new & quality used?

Create your own site or invites and tell your family and friends what you really want. “We are saving for our new home and appreciate all of your help and support.” People do this at weddings all the time. So why not for your baby shower?

Provide Options

Some of your friends and family will still want to give you a physical gift. That’s all good! Make a small registry with a few items you will need for baby. Diapers, wipes, a change pad, monitor, baby first aid kit etc. Keep it small and simple so most people will give you the cash you really need. 

Don’t Stress

Having a baby is stressful enough. Making a registry or asking for cash shouldn’t add to your level of stress. Make the decision that’s best for YOUR family and move forward with it. In the end, your family and friends love and support you. They want what’s best for you and this new baby on the way


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