3 Ways to Balance Being a Mom and Yourself

3 Ways to Balance Being a Mom and Yourself



While being fully devoted to work and family is not easy, it’s possible to pursue both if you can learn to find the right balance that works for your lifestyle. Today on The Squawk, I’m sharing a few tips that have helped me juggle both sides a bit easier.

Us moms understand that not everything can run smoothly all at once. As we strive to do the balancing act of work, looking after our kids, spending time with our partner and a million other things, some situations can creep up on us, making us feel like we can barely keep afloat. During those times, I’ve learned a couple of things that are a must to maintain my sense of self and sanity. I’ve found when I’m mindful of these things (particularly in three areas), I find balance can exist for me, even among the chaos.


1. Practice good time management skills – the must do’s and nice to do’s


Learning to prioritize after having my son was key. There’s so little time we get for ourselves, even if you’re in a household with help available. Every evening, I found it helpful making a list of must do’s for the next day as well as a list of nice to do’s.  If I can prioritize my day by what I must accomplish vs. what I would like to accomplish, I find I remain more focussed. I’m also aware of when I have “peak creative energy”, so I ensure I use that time (particularly for me in the mornings) to prioritize all creative tasks.


2. Create clear self-care non negotiables


Being a new mom and being mindful of self-care is so challenging because our bambinos require so much of our time and energy. But my saving grace is having my non negotiables.

Non negotiables are the things, hobbies, and acts of service that we do for ourselves that remind us of who we are. They are what feels good to us and what brings us happiness and peace of mind. I have four non negotiables for every day and they are to drink water, move around, give at least 100% towards Rebelstork and engage in quality time with my family.


3. Finding balance is essential


For me, balance means learning to give and receive in equal measure. When I have balance, I’m unstoppable. But when I’m imbalanced, I feel disconnected and it effects my mind and body. What balance means to each of us is different. I try to make time for parenting, work, love, hobbies and friends, but how balance is achieved often looks different each day.


While everyday can vary depending on circumstances, finding balance can make a monumental difference in how we feel. Writing down our to do’s, taking time for ourselves and carving out what’s important to us can have a positive effect on not only ourselves, but our little ones too. 
Warmly, Emily
Founder of Rebelstork


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