Trend Squawk: The Family App That Makes Parenting Lighter Through Technology

Trend Squawk: The Family App That Makes Parenting Lighter Through Technology

Trend Squawk: The Family App That Makes Parenting Lighter Through Technology

Meet Maple, the family app we can’t wait to tell you all about.  Founded by Michael Perry, a family tech startup looking to ease the burden of parenting, freeing up families to spend more quality time together.  After becoming a father, Michael was determined to develop a platform that would change the world of parenting through technology. 

Similar to Rebelstork and selected and featured as one of Maple’s Helpers, we also exist and believe in giving families their time back.  Our core values were so perfectly aligned we had to introduce our Flock to Maple! 

Getting Started with Grow Maple

Before we tell you everything we love Flock, let’s make sure you have the desktop or mobile app for Grow Maple. Click here to download, or search ‘Maple - Family Management’ in the app store. Maple is available on Android in the Google Play Store, too.

 ‍Once you’ve downloaded the app on your mobile or desktop (or both), here are some helpful steps we recommend taking to receive the full benefits of Maple.

  • Invite your household members: And anyone who you rely on for occasional help. By doing this, you can coordinate tasks and events, easily assign help and collaborate with each other.
  • Sync your Google calendar: This way, you’ll never lose sight of external meetings and appointments.
  • Use topic folders: Keep your household organized in topics where everyone can communicate and stay on the same page around what needs to happen.
  • Share Gratitude: Show your appreciation by using the gratitude button. It’s a free mood booster for everyone!
  • Use your "Personal Planning Topic: As a private space to leave yourself notes and coordinate your own personal tasks.
  • Check out all of their Helpers:  The go-to resource for the baby brands making a big impact and creating a new conversation around food, daycare, education, baby registry and so much more.

All week long we will be working with Maple to share more about our partnership and why they are helping parents more efficiently manage the day-to-day.  Tune in tomorrow at 3pm EST to hear more as Emily, our founder talks Earth Week, technology and why Maple is a great partner to help parents, parent lighter.  

One of our favorite blogs they just published is  "Four Ways Parents Can Work Together". 

Get to know Maple and we recommend you consider it as a tool to help you and your family get your time back!  Something Team Rebby is very passionate about!

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