It’s time for a REVolution - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

It’s time for a REVolution - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

It’s time for a REVolution - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

We love to share how we calculate the resale value for all of the great gear we offer on .  I’m sure most people believe we have someone in our back office manually calculating the resale values.  Nope…. Flock meet REV™.  Since our inception we have been powered by AI Pricing Technology that does all of the work for us and continues to build and compile so it’s accurate and in real time.  Think of REV™ like the Kelly Blue Book of Cars, or like the Claire of Rebag.  It’s here, it’s for you and it’s just another way we can make Parenting Lighter ™ for you.

Because it’s a new technology, we sat down with Emily, our founder to answer all the questions you have asked and to explain why REV™ will guide and empower you the minute you start building your registry or decide its time to declutter and sell some gear.  Ta-da, go and make that money honey!


What is REV™? How does it work?

REV is Rebelstork’s first-of-its kind baby gear AI pricing technology that provides an instant and accurate resale offer for top quality baby goods. In turn, REV establishes the secondhand marketplace value and provides a destination for parents looking for a more environmentally friendly way to consume complete with transparent pricing. 

In an industry in which the lifespan of a product is both short lived (and expensive!), REV is transforming the way a new generation of parents (YOU) purchase, based on the most advanced technology and proprietary resale algorithm available. The smart technology offers three main criteria, so that every parent can be an informed shopper and seller:

  1. Search recognition, offering over 10,000 baby gear models at once.
  2. Demand tracking, providing up-to-the-minute data that generates demand metrics by brand and model.
  3. Price intelligence feature, measuring market value price updates that are tracked in real time, taking the guesswork out of what to sell or pay for used baby gear. 

The REV™ journey is straightforward from start to finish. You can “Get My Rev™” on, and select the category you are shopping or selling in. You are then prompted to simply enter the brand, model, condition, timing of the sale, and Tada, are presented with an instant estimated resale value.

Why do you see Rev™ as a solution to the Baby Gear Industry and your community?

REV™ is revolutionizing the resale baby gear market by empowering an entire industry (parents, retailers, and brands alike) to shop and sell smarter. The technology provides three main solutions: it helps families to declutter and avoid overconsumption and waste, save and make money, and contribute to the circular economy, all at once.

There has been a quick and noticeable shift in today’s parents' purchasing habits, especially among millennials and newer parents. These young families are eager to provide the best for their babies, but are feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless assortment available, and concurrently wanting more transparency behind the value of their household items. They are thinking universally – about how their purchases will affect the newest generation that they have brought into the world. These parents care how products are made, if they are sustainably sourced, if they are made by environmentally conscious, impact driven companies, and where their product is going afterward.

Enter REV™. Those shopping second hand can check the real-time market price and ensure that they do not over pay, enjoying access to better products with less waste. Parents investing in new products can take heart in knowing the retail price of that item for resale in the future, and that it will be able to find a home afterward – inspiring reuse and keeping gear that is otherwise in excellent condition out of landfills.


What is the full range of baby gear products that REV™ has search recognition for and at what price points?

The full range spans over 10,000 items within both baby and kids gear, and includes: Strollers, High Chairs, Carriers, Boosters, Swings & Bouncers, Bassinets, Sleep Tech, Playards, Activity Gyms, Nursery Chairs, Rockers & Gliders, Playmats, Cribs & Dressers, Meal Prep, Toys, Changing Accessories, Storage, Decor, Feeding Pillows, Diaper Bags, Stroller Accessories, Breast Pumps, Bath Time, Safety items, Travel items.

Pricing wise, it varies and depends on current market demand. While we offer best in class brands, the products that perform the best are of course those that retain a high quality and therefore value in the resale space.


Who is the Rev™ shopper in three words?

The REV™ user is primarily parents who are looking to shop or sell baby gear.  You!

They are discerning (to find the best value with the least environmental impact), curious (to find innovative solutions to common problems) and empowered (to make the best educated decision possible).


Why would a customer choose Rebelstork over an existing resale marketplace?

Rebelstork is the only Certified B Corporation, tech-driven marketplace that allows families access to the best brands for a fraction of their retail price. Powered by a proprietary AI Technology, unlike anything else currently available. REV’s one-of-a-kind technology makes the process safe, quick and hassle-free from start to finish, quality checking and condition rating each item before accurately pricing it in just a few intuitive steps. Rebelstork also offers an unparalleled breadth of options with over 10,000 top quality baby goods available, transparently pricing based on demand.

The ability to extend the life of their outgrown gear and/or buy second hand is especially important to today’s new or expecting family, as we know that now more than ever, consumers are looking to make more sustainable choices and minimize their impact. They recognize that the opportunity to participate in the circular economy builds a more sustainable world for the next generation who they are raising and who is set to inherit our planet in need.

As a certified BCorporation, Rebelstork is considered the highest standard for socially responsible business, proudly offering a new type of conscious company that balances purpose and profit – something that is no longer niche, but necessary.


No time like the present, check out REV for yourself. 

Get My Rev


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