Shopping Resale Opens Up Possibilites

Shopping Resale Opens Up Possibilites

Ever have someone compliment you on your outfit, and then you snap back with “OMG thanks! I got it for a total deal!”? Scoring quality used baby gear at a discounted price gives the same feeling.


Here’s why Team Rebby loves resale, and why you should too!



We all want to do our part to love on our OG Mother, Earth. By purchasing “Quality Used” gear, you are giving these itmes new life and saving them from landfills. You are also making a statement with your baby gear dollars that you care about the environment and choose to contribute to the circular economy. Even if you buy only a portion of your baby gear needs Quality Used, you are taking a positive step in the right direction to heal the earth!


Style Selection

When you shop at a traditional retailer, your choices are mostly limited to the current trends, models and colours. If these options aren’t to your liking, you’re pretty much out of luck. At Rebelstork, you will have many more options to choose from! We list items that are current and styles not currently on store shelves. You’ll see a wider variety of colours and prints, and find the styles you really like.


Aquire Top End Brands at Deal Prices 

Many of us have brands that we love but they’re out of our price range. If you shop Quality Used, you’ll likely find the items you covet for much lower prices. In many cases, these items are still in excellent condition and you’ll be able to enjoy them without having to break the bank!


Discovery of The Unkown 

Shopping resale is like a treasure hunt. You can find amazing, interesting, and unique items if you’re open to looking for them. Sure, you need to be diligent about checking new arrivals, but the feeling of gratification from snagging a new find can really be worth it.


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