The Zero Time Commitment Side Hustle- Creative Earning Strategies

The Zero Time Commitment Side Hustle- Creative Earning Strategies


Flock, we all know that the more items you list on a consistent basis, the more earnings you will make!  We are breaking down a few easy tips to consider when prepping to schedule a Rebelstork gear pick up!

1) Search Your House

Did you know that the average Canadian first-time parent spends $14K on baby gear and clothing in year #1?  That is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!  Search your closets (think of all that gear that you shoved in the office, hallway, bedroom etc.).  You will for sure find out-grown and even open box gear that you can turn into easy cash.  Don’t forget about the garage, when was the last time you’ve gone through it?  

 2) Tap Into Your Network

What is the easiest way to maximize earning potential…inventory!  Ask your friends and family if they have any gear laying around that you can add to your pick-up. Really want to feel like a #momboss? Gather the moms in your neighbourhood together and schedule a hassle free (and contact free of course) group gear haul- maybe you take a portion of the earnings for a little wine night!

 3) Schedule Pick Up’s Based on Baby Milestones

There is a reason that when you shop for baby gear it is grouped into age/milestone buckets. Kids outgrow gear F-A-S-T. In order to maximize your earning potential you can use these milestones as your pick up/selling guide.  Once your baby has passes the 6 month mark, clear out that gear.  Use those earnings to buy items you need for months 6-12.  At year 1, sell that gear to afford the stuff you need for toddler!

Want to learn more scheduling your gear pick up?  Check out our sell form or contact us and chat strategy with a member of Team Rebby! 


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