3 Tips To Make The Most Selling With Rebelstork

3 Tips To Make The Most Selling With Rebelstork

When Vogue magazine declared that the future of retail was the circular economy and that the 2020’s would be the decade of resale, we started to see a lot of new retail industry disruptors pop up. Resale is definitely not a new concept by any means, but the idea that it can made easy and completely hassle free is!
Like usual, we have been getting so many fabulous questions from you, our FLOCK on everything resale related. So, we sat down with our founder Emily to discuss her top strategies for making the most when selling your baby gear with Rebelstork. (PS - Did you know that she is the one who built the Rebelstork proprietary pricing algorithm leading the baby gear pricing strategy in the resale market? She crafted it during her mat leave nights when she was up feeding her son!)


What items will retain their value most after purchase?

If you’re thinking about buying a piece and want to make sure it retains its value, what should you buy? “Anything that is considered a core or iconic item to that brand,” says Emily. “For example, within Uppababy a black or grey Vista or Cruz are the most core and will retain the most resale value. Core items in basic colors rarely get marked down or put on promo at traditional retailers which pumps up their resale value on Rebelstork. 


Why does timing have anything to do with pricing? 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), there is a direct correlation between baby gear resale value and time. Our proprietary pricing algorithm takes this into account when generating the earnings estimates for your items being listed. “Your baby gear is not a Hermes Birkin bag which appreciates in value the longer you hold onto it” says Emily.  “It is actually the very opposite.  Every day, month, year that you hold onto your baby gear the more the resale value decreases... by a lot”.  To earn the most, book your Rebelstork pick up as soon as your baby has outgrown it. If your family decides to have more children down the road you will be able to use these maximized earnings to purchase the newer technology for when the time comes.  


What do you think is the biggest re-sale mistake?

If you are looking to make the most money back when selling your baby gear on Rebelstork, what is the one mistake you MUST avoid? Allowing your quality items to go into disrepair. “I cannot stress the importance of taking great care of all of your items” says Emily. Especially strollers, as these tend to get the most wear but can also retain a high resale value if kept in excellent condition. If there has been some wear to your stroller there are steps that you can take to get it back into shape like getting it professionally cleaned, not leaving it outside to fend off the elements and wiping down the wheels when wet to avoid rust growth.


Feeling inspired to make some money hassle free? Check out your potential earnings by filling out our sell form here and booking your contact free pick up!

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