4 Ways to Help Reduce Our Parenting Footprint

4 Ways to Help Reduce Our Parenting Footprint

We are creatures of habit, and change is hard. As lovers of everyday rituals, we have become accustomed to living in a world where consumption has never been so easy and convenient. We are used to new, expect new, and love new — the newest fashion trends, the newest Netflix show, the latest food fad, the most recent colour update of a stroller model. We’re constantly on the hunt for something we’ve never seen, tasted or bought before. We have adapted to living in a fast paced and highly connected world.

However, buying new all the time consumes our resources, pollutes our planet and can tamper with our ethical standards. As parents, we do not have the ability to go back to the beginning and change the history or behaviours that caused our environment to begin to suffer. But if we start now, we can work towards changing the ending. By starting small, we can start to think BIG! Rebelstork is here to help you not just become more conscious about your kids gear choices, but to act on it. Read on for four simple ways you can start to enact sustainable change.

Choose High-Quality Pieces In The Resale And Retail Markets
On average, Canadian millennial parents spend approximately $14K on baby gear and clothing in year one of having a baby. This has doubled in the last decade.    Becoming a parent does not have to come with such financial strain. Commit to buying less and invest in the craftsmanship and high-quality materials that brands are valued for. You’ll extend the life of your items and eliminate the need to replace them. Plus, you’ll have the potential to get return-on-investment when you decide to sell in demand pieces. When you shop consignment, you disrupt the cycle of “buy, use, dispose, repeat.”

Choose Brands That Believe In Sustainability and Are Truly Committed To The Cause
When choosing to buy new or used, staying informed about the materials and production methods of a brand matters. Monte Designs, for example, is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Their goal is to produce well-made, design driven products, while using sustainable high-quality materials, local suppliers and responsible manufacturing methods. They aim to minimize the impact their products have on our indoor air environment, and the planet in general. Their sustainable approach is applied all the way through the manufacturing process right through to their shipping boxes, which are made in Canada from over 95% recycled materials.
7AM Enfant is an industry leader that is 100% Vegan. This company is dedicated to protecting animals by using the highest quality vegan and cruelty-free materials to produce stylish products that are both functional and fashion-forward. Their business also places an emphasis on children’s and women’s rights, a philosophy we can definitely stand behind.
After having their first kid, the husband and wife team behind Oeuf NYC decided to focus their design talents and production experience exclusively on children’s products. Their vision was to offer parents high-quality pieces that are sustainably sourced and responsibly created.
You’ve probably noticed an influx of colourful Moba “moses” sleeping baskets that are flooding the baby market. This company makes safety its number one priority. They work closely with the Lullaby Trust when designing their products- an organization comprised of leading childcare professionals, midwives, and parents. Made in Great Britain, they use local suppliers and responsibly sourced materials to ensure they have small carbon footprint. Their products are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to be extra durable, so they can be used again and again.
So how can you make sure you’re shopping sustainably minded brands? Spend five minutes Googling the history and ethos of a brand.  

Care For Your Investment Pieces Sustainably
The phrase “less is more” offers some serious wisdom. If you invest in high-quality pieces and extend their use from one year to two, it can eliminate emissions over the year by up to 20%. Plus, how you care for your kid’s gear can ultimately reduce an its environmental impact while increasing its re-sale value on Rebelstork. Enjoy your items for as long as possible, and when you are finished have our Rebelstork experts pick them up! 
Consign What You No Longer Need and Donate The Rest
Once you fall out of love with or your family has outgrown that travel stroller, that baby swing you were gifted or that swivel bassinet that served its six-month purpose, it’s time to move on. Give your quality products a new home by consigning them, and feel good about the fact that one more item has been saved from the landfill. 
Embrace the circular economy — start selling and shopping now with Rebelstork.

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