Parenting Made Lighter in 2022

Parenting Made Lighter in 2022

Parenting Made Lighter in 2022

Our Curated Shop of Baby Gear that is worth it

Being a parent, a six letter word that holds a lot of responsibility!  To make your life lighter as we enter 2022 we pulled together a curated shop of baby gear we think is worth it.  These items help, add value to your life and are great for resale when you are done with them.  You can earn a little money back.  Take care of yourself this year flock.  It’s going to be a great one!
1. Happiest Baby Snoo
A definite all-time parent fave! This smart baby bed gently rocks your baby to sleep. The Snoo prevents rolling and soothes your baby when they need it….consider it your new best friend. And the best part? The Snoo holds a high resale value when it comes time to sell! It’s a win, win, win all around.
This bouncer is perfect for newborns and can grow with your beb for up to 2 years. Little ones love the natural ergonomic rocking movement and are super comfy during rest and play time. On the go to grandmas, a friends, or even just in another room? No prob! This bouncer folds flat and makes it easy to transport everywhere you need it.
An amazing purchase because it has so many settings! Each baby is calmed by different speeds so having a chair that has adjustable swing settings is the way to go.  Up and down and from side to side, it's chair that does the work for you.
Want an all in one bundle for a new recovering mom? This is the kit you need! Included is a: Fridamom ice maxi pads, upside down peri bottle, sitz bath tablets, and of course we had to include the infamous award winning Rebelstork non-toxic stain remover + blow out bag.
Ah yes...the stroller of all strollers! Designed to grow with your family through multiple configurations it makes it the perf performance and functional stroller for you and your fam!
Have a toddler that loves going everywhere and spending time with you? This smooth riding wagon is comfy for your kiddies with it’s ergonomic seating and is easy peasy for you to use with it’s lightweight design and one-handed folding. All-terrain wheels and 4 wheel suspension means winter or summer you’re always good to go!

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