Emily's Top 5 Daily Hacks That Ain't Whack

Emily's Top 5 Daily Hacks That Ain't Whack

Hands up to those who feel that the mama juggle is real!  Our founder Emily is a time optimizing machine. We sat down with her to discuss her juggle between home life (she is the mom to a 3 year old and has a newborn baby) while leading Team Rebby through a year of epic start-up growth to become one of Canada’s fastest growing start ups and it's first online managed marketplace for resale baby durables. .

Let’s take a look at Emily’s Top 5 Daily Hacks that Ain’t Wack

Wake Up With A Quick Shot

Every morning I wake up and immediately roll over to take a quick shot….of The Bullet daily news! I want the headlines but, I also need them fast.  The Bullet arrives in my inbox every morning and breaks down the news I need to know (including must know trending celeb drama) into bite sized and easy to understand chunks of information.  This saves me time while keeping me informed.

Address Panda Bear Eyes

Tired looking eyes have become my standard daily look (obvi…not by choice).  A few years ago, when I was still  living in NYC,  I began my make-up bag transition to using mostly natural/green beauty & self-care products.  Big fan of the assortment offered at the Health Hut.  They have a curated mix of products including my favorite 100% Pure's Bright Eye Mask.  Most mornings I put these soft and eco-friendly under eye masks on before I head downstairs to get my son prepped for school.  The combo of cooling cucumber mixed with caffeine to de puff snap my eyes back to life!          

Always Prep for an Oops

The number of times that I cruise out of the house (and on time) ready to conquer the day and then BAM…spill my drink on clothing…BAM…baby barf on my shoulder is more than I can count.  Now, obviously I am biased BUT I always have a Rebelstork Oops There It Is non-toxic roll-on stain remover in my purse, bag and glovebox.  I think it is just as effective as a Tide To Go except completely natural.  That matters to me and I think that matters to todays mom.  I mean, it is because of you guys that it has been nominated for cleaning product of the year by the Baby Innovation Awards!

Burn Baby Burn

Pre kids I used to run marathons and thought that getting proper exercise meant working out for big chunks of time.  When I had my son, I struggled with wanting to be active but also not wanting to spend tons of time away from him.  I started following the Femme Physique philosophy.  Founded by Heather (who is also a mom of 4 kids under the age of 9!) she taught me that by doing small, repetitive and isolating moves that truly activate my muscles at their deepest potential can create  tone and definition.  I find setting aside 10-15 minutes a day for her quality exercises effective.  

Conquer Dinner Fatigue

I am a huge advocate of not doing it all and am trying to become more aware of the value of my time.  I used to dread heading into the weekend because I would think about all the things that had to get done, specifically grocery shopping for the following week.  There were a few months when our family ordered in a lot and it was not healthy nor economically sustainable.  Enter Fresh City Farms into the Hosie household.  We have groceries and prepared meals (often wine & beer too!) delivered right to our door.  They are a fellow BCorporation and focus on fresh, organic and locally sourced products!

Bonus hack? Let Team Rebby sell your baby gear the safe and hassle free way!  Book your pick up here

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