Letter from Emily

Virtual worlds took off, even as in person gatherings returned. Lines between business models blurred new and old, online and off, resale and retail. 

In 2021, more parents* spent the majority of their time at home navigating the uncertainty by doing a lot more with less, and also being mindful about the ways in which to spend both money and time. 

Moms and dads became more fiscally and socially responsible, and hyper-aware of mass production for use-and-dispose products that ultimately service landfills. 

Consumers are demanding sustainability as part of their purchasing journey. Brands are eagerly adopting the business model. Lawmakers are investing in and promoting the circular economy. The global retail industry is pledging for change, fueled by new technologies that will forever disrupt the way we consume. 

We’re strolling into 2022 with the majority of pandemic-related job losses experienced by women, according to a report from the National Women’s Law Center. Women in the United States have lost more than 5.4 million jobs. Many of those who were expecting delivered babies alone without support.

Rebelstork is transforming the way a new generation of parents purchase, based on the most advanced technology and proprietary resale algorithm available in the space. The first tech-driven marketplace created for parents, we allow families safe and hassle-free access to the best brands for a fraction of their retail price. And we empower them to participate in the circular economy, building a more sustainable world for the next generation and a viable path to help restore our planet.

The future promises big wins. But first baby steps.


Grit, Determination & Inflation


“Gen Z and millennial moms and dads are 2.5 times more likely than other generations to buy second-hand goods."

“As consumers feel more comfortable with their health, safety and finances, younger couples will again think about starting a family or adding to it. A focus on sustainability will lead parents to take a closer look at secondhand items, trade-in or sell-back options.”

Gen Z and millennial moms and dads are 2.5 times more likely than other generations to buy second-hand goods.

For a new generation of parents with children (and those who are still entering parenthood), the need for baby durables remains. With this comes opportunities to reach parents in new ways.

Virtual tools will be key in offering consumers a complete omnichannel experience.

The global baby products market is projected to reach a revised size of US $15.6 Billion by the year 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% over the analysis period. ReportLinker/Global Newswire

Parenting Realities Right Now


Q: Given the surge, is the sustainability trend…sustainable?

A: The biggest brands and companies are dipping their toe into this resale market. The more they do that, the more that it becomes accessible.

Recommerce is poised for continued growth expected to outpace retail and many retailers now have no choice but to embrace resale as part of their omnichannel strategy to remain relevant to today’s consumers.

Supply chain and inventory issues are fueling the demand for secondhand goods. With prices increasing and supply decreasing, the appetite for exceptional quality is rising.

What's Next in 2024


reuse, reduce, reveal

People want the best for less. Consumers are increasingly looking to the secondary market to satisfy their needs. 
Enter a new generation of secondhand appraisal technologies.

Consumers demand measurable sustainability and life-changing convenience. It’s no longer enough to say you’re making strides, you have to prove it. New advances in resale apps walk the walk.

Leading the charge in fashion is Rebag, which unveiled Clair AI a few years ago.  Forging a new path for the baby industry, Rebelstork debuted REV™™, the baby industry’s first and only proprietary algorithm that custom prices resale merchandise based on up-to-the-minute market data and demand, as well as finite facts like item condition and age, providing buyer and seller with full pricing transparency.  In an industry in which the lifespan of a product is both short lived and expensive REV™ provide an instant and accurate resale offer for top quality baby goods.

The Value of Brands

The brands that sell first as REV selects the ones that hold their value

The Registry of the Future

Where parents plan to spend more or less $ in the next 5 years


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