Letter from Emily

The state of parenting is looking bright and optimism is having its comeback. After a few tough years of setbacks, it’s clear how universal the parenting experience is to everyone: against all odds, we make it work! We’ve got bright blue skies ahead.

Rebelstork was born for every parent. Moms, dads and caregivers can now afford the best for their babies on a budget.

In 2023, the desire and need for affordable premium products is stronger than ever. Thanks to inflation, the cost of having kids across North America has ballooned. In the US, higher prices are persisting after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and economic concerns have mounted. All signs point to a recession.

While the majority of the parenting chaos surrounding the pandemic has subsided, the mental health challenges that created those panicked, anxious feelings have been highlighted amid continued uncertainty.

“Getting back to normal” for most parents has meant coming to terms with the impact the last few years have had on our families, our mental health and our bank accounts. As a result, we’re all being a lot more real. The pressure to show up perfectly is exhausting. Rebel parenting is officially a thing as we collectively shift out of survival and into thrive mode, together. 

Rebelstork is transforming the way a new generation of parents purchase, based on the first and most advanced technology and proprietary resale algorithm available in the industry: REV™. We are the first tech-driven marketplace created for parents, allowing families safe and hassle-free access to the best brands for a fraction of their retail price. We empower parents, brands and retailers to participate in the circular economy and help build a more sustainable world for the next generation. As a proud Certified B-Corporation, we believe the path to help restore our planet is the only path. When you buy from Rebelstork, you fuel a force for good, and put people and the environment first. B-Corp certification is more than a mark, it’s making our mark on the world.

We are devoted to continuing to build a business where our wins are wins for everyone.


The Shining Star

Recommerce has given new meaning to the thrill of the hunt.  If you are willing to be persistent it is possible to find a great value without ever leaving your house. 

Our Marketplace

Rebelstork is the first tech-driven marketplace created FOR PARENTS BY PARENTS. We empower the buy-and-sell of expert-curated, overstock, open box and quality used baby gear UP TO 80% OFF TOP BABY BRANDS.

Our Business Model

1. Interrupt mass return overflow
2. Reduce enormous waste
3. Divert usable items back into the hands of interested shoppers at a fraction of the original cost
4. Provide our own environmental mindset on our site return policy

Before You Shop Or Sell, Use REV™

Top value, minimal effort

Make the most worthwhile  investments

Learn what gear to sell now

Earn the most money back

Forging a new path for the baby industry, Rebelstork debuted REV™, the baby industry’s first and only AI-Powered proprietary algorithm that custom prices resale merchandise based on up-to-the-minute market data and demand, as well as finite facts like item condition and age, providing buyers and sellers with full pricing transparency.  In an industry in which the lifespan of a product is both short lived and expensive REV™ provide an instant and accurate resale offer for top quality baby goods.

This year, Rebelstork felt an outpouring of love from some amazing parents who shared with their communities the benefits of shopping (and selling) with Rebelstork to maximize savings and earnings. They loved finding the brands they want at a price they could afford. Participating in the circular economy and making the future a little brighter is a huge benefit.

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