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What is the history of the Graco baby company?

Graco began its journey in 1955 when engineer Rex Thomas introduced the world’s first automatic baby swing. Over the years, Graco continued to thrive, expanding its product line to include not only swings but also car seats. Throughout its history, Graco has remained committed to assisting parents in providing safety and comfort for their children.

Are Graco car seats safe for babies?

Graco car seats are engineered with your child's safety in mind. They ensure a secure journey from infancy through youth, aligning with the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Graco car seats surpass US FMVSS safety standards.

How long are Graco baby car seats good for?

Graco car seats are good for 7 to 10 years, depending on the type. They have expiration dates because safety rules change over time, and seats wear out. To find your car seat's expiration date, look for the Date of Manufacture (DOM) on the seat and add the useful life period mentioned in the manual or on the car seat. This simple calculation ensures your child's safety.

Will Rebelstork ship my Graco car seat to me?

Absolutely! Shipping costs depend on the size of the package and in most cases anything over $180 we offer free shipping, and Rebelstork will ship straight to your door. If you live near a Rebelstork distribution center, home delivery options are also available.

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