Keenz x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The Reluvable Collective

Keenz x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The Reluvable Collective

Keenz x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The Reluvable Collective

Five reasons why Keenz partnered with Rebelstork to bring families a safe and easy way to extend the life of their Keenz Wagons and give new families the chance to experience an upgrade.  

Keenz has partnered with Rebelstork and joined The ReLuvable™ Collective.  Our recommerce, trade-in program which is a place to come together and extend the life of your quality used baby gear and build a more sustainable baby industry.  We connected with the team at Keenz to understand why they decided NOW is the time to enter into this partnership and 5 reasons why extending the life of Keenz Wagons is important to them and supports their vision.  

  1. We are committed to delivering high quality products and believe that being sustainable also means building products that should be passed on, not thrown out.
  2. We are proud to be part of an effort to ensure each Keenz wagon is enjoyed to its fullest.
  3. Our mission is to make outings easier and more fun for the whole family. We are happy to help more families get out and enjoy their time together.
  4. The ReLuvable Collective makes it easy for Keenz families to trade-in their wagons and upgrade to one of our new models.
  5. We’re happy to be part of a program that makes owning a stroller wagon accessible for more families. 

Here is a bit about Keenz: Home of the original stroller wagon, Keenz launched in the US in 2016 and quickly built its business through word of mouth as enthusiastic customers shared their love of wagons with friends and family. Our push or pull wagons combine the safety of a stroller with the utility of a wagon to make family outings easier and more fun for everyone. JPMA certified, Keenz wagons arrive fully-loaded and feature 5-point harnesses for each passenger, 4 wheel spring suspension, and plenty of storage.

To learn more about the trade-in program or to start selling your Keenz Stroller Wagon start here.

To learn more about how to join The ReLuvable ™ start here

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