Celebrating B-Corp Month and the Baby Brands That Are in it With Us!

Celebrating B-Corp Month and the Baby Brands That Are in it With Us!

Celebrating B-Corp Month and the Baby Brands That Are in it With Us!

If you haven’t heard the exciting news by now, Rebelstork is officially certified as a BCorporation! In honour of BCorp Month (March baby!) we are celebrating with some of the other amazing baby brands that are in it with us, doing their part to benefit people, communities, and our planet!

Not just another toy, Lovevery launched in 2017 as a global parenting favorite for their subscription Play Kits. We love them because of their range of products all designed in-house with child development experts. They are thoughtfully engineered and enable parents to feel confident that they are supporting their child’s development at every stage.

Once Upon a Farm
With Jennifer Gardner at the helm, once Upon a Farm launched in 2017 as well and is on a mission to “make doing better and eating better" - easy by offering delicious, nutritious, cold-pressed snacks for kids with wholesome ingredients even they can pronounce.”  We love this brand because we can see the ingredients, they have a philanthropic mission connected called, Save the Children, and they are producing their products using renewable energy.  

Happy Family Organics
A certified B Corp since 2011, they have an array of products from baby, tot, and kids as well as great products for mom too!  They have amazing, natural organic nutritional products and provide support for all aspects of your baby’s feeding journey, sharing a wealth of advice and content around all forms of feeding baby (breastfed, bottlefed, and formula fed). We love that they are committed to building a sustainable world for the future generation!

Made Of
Made Of’s mission is to provide new parents with simple, organic and safe everyday baby products that are cost effective so you can feel confident in what is being put on your baby’s skin. We love that they are committed to being as transparent as possible with their ingredients and ensuring they are producing the highest and safest quality products for all babies!

Healthy Baby / Healthy Nest
Healthy Baby/Healthy Nest is all about access to the necessary essentials for your baby. We love that their founder, Shazi is bringing everything baby related full circle to help parents throughout their journey with “the information they crave, the products they need, and the coaching support they deserve so that we can all focus on what matters most - a happy, healthy life.”  Baby diapers, wipes, bath and cleaning products are just a few of the categories they create.  

it's wonderful to be in such good company and share some of the brands inspiring real change to balance profit and purpose.  If you haven't already done so, check these amazing baby brands out and consider them for your next purchase! 

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