Three women at a baby shower after learning how to plan a baby shower

Baby Showers: Everything You Need to Know

Baby Showers: Everything You Need to Know

It may seem like there are a million things to accomplish before a baby’s arrival. Researching car seats, picking your crib and glider, and one of the most exciting events—having a baby shower.

What Is a Baby Shower?

All babies & soon to be mama’s deserve to be adored and “showered” with love, which is exactly what a baby shower is all about!

How to Plan a Baby Shower

Whether you’re the parent-to-be or a friend who is hosting, there can be a lot that goes into planning the perfect baby shower. While baby showers come in a wide variety, there are still some essential things that need to be taken care of:

When Should You Have a Baby Shower?

The first step is choosing your date! Luckily, there is no “right” time to have a baby shower– it’s whenever is best for the new parents!

Many baby showers take place before the baby’s arrival—usually, a month or two beforehand to prevent being too close to the baby's due date and so that the new parents can sort through and prepare any gifts they receive. However, some cultures have a celebration after the baby arrives, and this can be anywhere from one week to a couple of months after the baby is born. The most important thing here is to make sure that you’re communicating preferences.

What Needs To Be Done Before a Baby Shower?

A baby shower table display with a diaper cake and other baby shower trends

Because each baby shower is different, your checklist will be unique.

However, there are some pretty common baby shower trends that you could plan on:

  • Invitations: Send out invites with a location, registry address, and chance for guests to RSVP.
  • Baby Registry: Before you send out invitations, have the parents-to-be register for their must-have baby items (and some fun things, too!). We suggest registering for baby gear of different price points. Most of the big ticket items can be shopped Open Box or discounted overstocked at a fraction of the regular retail price.
  • Plan Food: Are you catering or cooking? After you get a head count, you can start the preparations for where food is coming from and the menu you choose to serve!
  • Games: Although this certainly is not a must, lots of parents-to-be and guests like to play games during the baby shower. You can do something as simple as betting when the baby will be born or anagrams. If you’re looking to bump things up a notch, you could have guests race to chug chocolate milk from baby bottles, guess the melted candy bar in a diaper, or guess the flavor of baby food by smell! Don’t forget prizes for the winners!
  • Decor: Like with everything else, your decor will depend on your event’s vibes and your budget, but it’s still an important part of your checklist.
  • Party Favors: Don’t forget to either purchase or make party favors to say thank you to the friends and family who celebrated with you & the baby!

What Should You Wear to a Baby Shower?

What’s the dress code for a party that’s fancier than a quick get-together but not quite wedding level? Your perfect outfit will depend on your venue and type of baby shower. You could rock jeans and a nice shirt at a more informal party at a park, or pull out a fancier dress or slacks at a country club or hotel. Either way, it’s best to stick to light and bright colors and to steer clear of pinks or blues if you’re going to a gender-neutral baby shower.

Quality Baby Gifts Without Breaking the Bank

A chocolate cake with the words “Oh Baby” on a confetti background and other baby shower trends

Ultimately, a baby shower is to show new parents that they have friends and family who love and support them and their baby.

When shopping for gifts for a baby shower, it’s hard to balance quality products and your own bank account. But at Rebelstork, we believe in premium value for all parents. We offer the biggest savings through brand new open-box & overstock baby items. By partnering with all the top baby gear brands, we are able to make the most coveted baby items accessible to all parents.

Get started by searching through some of our most popular items, or search for gifts by price to fit in your ideal budget.

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