Mom traveling with a baby holding passports and laughing at her baby sitting on a suitcase in front of a world map

6 Top Tips to Parenting Lighter™ On Your First Travel Excursion with Your New Baby

6 Top Tips to Parenting Lighter™ On Your First Travel Excursion with Your New Baby

If viral TikToks of screaming adults complaining about crying babies give you anxiety about traveling with your little one—you’re not alone. Traveling with a baby can feel so overwhelming that you may talk yourself into staying home. Don’t!

Try Rebelstork’s six top tips for traveling with a baby instead. Eliminating every worry you have about traveling with a baby is an impossible task. Hopefully, these tips encourage you to face your fears of traveling with a baby and adventure with your little ones with more confidence.

1. Chat With Your Child’s Healthcare Provider

Google is great, but your healthcare provider knows your little one best. They’re a great resource to answer questions about your specific situation. Are you traveling internationally? Your healthcare provider can guide you through immunization requirements, like the measles or COVID-19 vaccine.

If you decide to fly while your baby is a newborn, some airlines require a letter of approval from a healthcare provider. In general, the recommendation is to wait until your little one is a few months old to travel so they can build up a healthy and strong immune system.

2. Simplify the Airport Process

Have you ever tried taking out all of your electronics from your diaper bag while kicking your shoes off during a security check, all while holding your child? Spoiler alert: It’s insanely hard. Free up your hands during long TSA lines and airport lounging with a reliable baby carrier and/or compact stroller.

3. Don’t Forget Baby’s Favorites

Toddler boy sitting in a car seat reading a book

Little humans have favorites like big humans do. Your child is learning to have favorite toys, books, songs, and favorite people—aka Mom. Ideally, you should pack some of their favorites for the trip. Whether you’re taking a road trip, going on a cruise, or flying to see the grandparents, remember to pack some of your baby’s home favorites to provide them with the comfort and familiarity of home.

4. Make Snacks Your Best Friend

Fed babies are happy babies. Your travel bags should have a sizeable stash of whatever your little babe eats. From breastmilk and formula to fruit pouches and peanut butter puffs, make snacks your best friend. Level up with unique ways to pack snacks or consider a portable placemat for clean eating in transit.

5. Research and Plan Ahead

Baby lying on her stomach in a bassinet on an airplane facing the plane’s window

Traveling with a baby isn’t something where you can “wing it” and see how things go. Research your transportation, accommodations, and activity plans ahead of time. Did you know some airplanes have bassinets for your littles? Does your hotel have a mini fridge to store breastmilk or baby amenities you can use during your stay? Check in advance and see what’s available.

Even though it feels like kids are little energizer bunnies with endless energy, they still need breaks and naps throughout the day. Invest in a comfy portable crib or playard for good sleep on the go.

Planning and researching what’s available will prevent tears from the baby—and you!

6. Be Okay When Things Aren’t Okay

Kids are moody, just like adults! When your baby starts showing big feelings, be patient with them. The disruption to their everyday routine can be frustrating and even scary. Creating unforgettable moments and memories during travel can come with a side of temper tantrums, unusual resistance, and obsession with the word “no,” and that’s okay. It’s okay not to be okay for a short time. Take a breath and do your best to reassure your little one that no matter where you all travel, they are safe, loved, and supported.

Getting Travel Ready With Rebelstork

Baby boy sleeping on his mom while seated on a plane

You’ve scoured the internet and collected all the links to products your favorite influencers use to travel with their kids. But when you’ve already spent a fortune on your trip, it’s hard to justify spending even more money on travel gear for the little ones.

On top of our tips for traveling with a baby, Team Rebby gives families a sustainable and affordable option to shop. Rebelstork offers safe and hassle-free access to traveling essentials through open-box, overstock, and quality-used items. Shop a premium selection of vetted inventory before your next trip for happier travels. Time to make some memories and keep Parenting Lighter™ top of mind.


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