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Is a Rotating Car Seat Worth It? — Team Rebby's take on Safety, Convenience + Price

Is a Rotating Car Seat Worth It? — Team Rebby's take on Safety, Convenience + Price

If you’ve ever wondered, “Are rotating car seats worth it?” the only thing to loathe is the price tag. There are things people disagree on today, but one thing that every mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, older sibling, and beyond can agree on is that rotating car seats make life easier for everyone in the family.

We’re diving into all things rotating car seats to help you compare the pros and cons and make the best decision for your growing family. Learn how Rebelstork can make you loathe the price tag a little less with a new way to shop.

What Is a Rotating Car Seat?

Rotating car seats are those mysterious kids from out of town that just moved to your high school that everyone has heard of, but people don’t know anything about. Also known as swivel car seats, this type of convertible car seat can typically rotate 180 to 360 degrees with magical buttons or levers, making the often challenging task of transporting your squirmy little one into the car a lot easier.

Are Rotating Car Seats Safe?

Yes, rotating car seats are safe when properly installed, just like any other car seat. While rotating car seats might be the new kid in town, they’re not new to the market and have been popular in Europe for quite some time. Rest assured rotating car seats can’t hit the shelves unless they pass all the strenuous safety tests with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.


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Are Rotating Car Seats Worth It?

Here’s what we love about rotating car seats at Rebelstork:

What We Love:

1) Convenience: Listen. This may be obvious—we know. We need to help you understand how easy rotating car seats make life. Being able to conveniently rotate the car seat to secure rear-facing children, instead of breaking your back and turning into an amateur contortionist to strap them in, is a type of convenience that is blowing our ancestors' minds. Does your back hurt from carrying your little one all day already? Does anyone in your family deal with back or mobility issues? Enter rotating car seats to solve all those issues.
2) Longevity: Most rotating car seats are convertible car seats. The heavy price tag feels like a better investment when you’re getting a two-for-one rear-facing and forward-facing seat.
3) Single Installation: One of the main benefits that rotating car seats advertise is a one-and-done installation. The seats can easily swivel from rear-facing to forward-facing. That means once the car seats click in, that’s it. There’s no need to install anything until you’re ready to add another kid to the ride!

What Makes Us Cringe A Little:

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Real talk, rotating car seats aren’t perfect. Nothing is. They’re larger. So, if you’re driving a tiny car and haven’t upgraded to the mom van yet or have other car seats in the car to think about, make sure it's still right for you.

Not necessarily a reason to cringe, but something to note is rotating car seats tend to have a lower weight limit than their non-swiveling convertible car seat competitors. Not a deal breaker but good to know before you make the jump to invest in a rotating car seat.

Finally, brand-new rotating car seats have a reputation for being outrageously expensive. Prices range from a whopping $450-$650. Eek. It’s hard not to notice that that’s a monthly car payment for many families.


Rotating Car Seats at Rebelstork

Sirona S rotating car seat in gray

If you’re loathing the rotating car seat price tag, let Rebelstork help. We partner with your favorite baby brands to bring you open-box and overstock rotating car seats with heavily discounted price tags.

What does that mean?

Open-box car seats have been opened and returned but never used. Wait, so Rebelstork offers brand-new rotating car seats for less just because someone opened the box? Yep. It’s that simple.

Check for overstock rotating car seats with Rebelstork, too! We pass along up to 80% savings from popular baby gear retailers when they may have discontinued or upgraded with a newer model. Now there’s no reason to loathe the price.

What do you think, Flock? Love it or loathe it? See more affordable car seats with Rebelstork.


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