Baby looking over the side of the best highchair at vegetables on the floor in the living room and kitchen area

The Best Highchairs of 2023 via REV™: Which One Are You? (Take Our Free Quiz)

The Best Highchairs of 2023 via REV™: Which One Are You? (Take Our Free Quiz)

Smeared peanut butter on their face, sweet potatoes flying through the air, milk dripping on the floor—feeding babies can be chaotic and challenging. That’s why shopping for the best highchairs of 2023 can make life less messy and easier for you and your hangry little one. 

No gatekeeping here. What are the best highchairs in 2023?

See REV’s™ top three faves at Rebelstork for best highchairs of the year.

How We Chose Our Best Highchairs of 2023

Wondering what our Flock is asking for in an elite highchair? 

  • Ease and Convenience: Is setting up and tucking the highchair away simple? Are the chairs, straps, and cushions easy to clean? Does it fit in the space you need it to? 
  • Quality: How long will this highchair last? If you’re like most of our flock, can you resell this after your baby is no longer using it?
  • Safety: Does the chair have a restraint system like a three- or five-point harness? If the chair has wheels, can they lock in place for stability? 
  • Technology: Does the chair include a footrest, crotch post, or recline option for proper support? Can the tray be removed for easy cleaning? 

Rebelstork uses REV™, our holy grail, to find the best highchairs of 2023. Make REV™ your bestie! It’s the baby industry’s first AI-Powered Pricing Technology that values and prices the recommerce merchandise based on up-to-the-minute market data and demand.

So, what does all of that mean? Think of REV™ like the Kelly Blue Book for cars or the Clair for luxury bags and accessories. This magic tech helps new parents shop or sell the best highchairs with full pricing transparency, empowering them to make the best financial purchasing decisions.

The Best Highchairs of 2023

Even the best highchairs aren’t perfect matches for every little one. It all comes down to your family’s space, lifestyle, and priorities.

Here are Rebelstork’s picks for:

  • the best highchair overall
  • the convertible highchair that’ll grow with you
  • the best travel/portable highchair

Best Overall Highchair: Lalo The Chair Convertible 3-in-1 Highchair

Lalo the Chair 3-in-1 Convertible best highchair in Sage Green


What We Love:

A lot of baby gear comes in bright colors with lots of distracting patterns and designs. Lalo the Chair doesn’t. The sleek, modern, minimalist design has a cultish following among all our IG mamas who don’t want to disrupt the aesthetic of their kitchens. The Flock claims the chair is easy to assemble, and you can skip the wipes. Just pop the tray in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Finally, the five-point harness and crotch bar ensure the baby’s safety, so use it! 

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

Don’t expect to adjust the height, lean the chair back, or fold it up for storage because the Lalo can’t do that. 


Best Grow-With-You Convertible Highchair: Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair

Tripp Trapp best highchair in Natural with Icon Grey


What We Love:

When you’ve been in the highchair game since 1972, you have time to perfect the best grow-with-you highchair ever. That’s what the folks at Stokke Tripp Trapp have done. The timeless Scandinavian classic can hold up to 272 pounds, taking longevity and durability in a highchair to the next level. A unique feature of the highchair you can’t find in most highchairs is that you can pull it up directly to the dining table. You know what they say—a family who eats together stays together. 

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

With this highchair, you’re looking at a $300+ investment. Yes, you read the price correctly, and no, it’s not a typo. That’s just for the chair, too. Pricey accessories like the Baby Set, tray, or cushion drive the cost even higher. Consider buying one of the best highchairs like this on Rebelstork for up to 80% off retail!


Best On-The-Go Highchair: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Quality-Used Inglesina Fast Table Chair in Black


What We Love:

This one is for our travel lovers, co-parents who will be doing a lot of back and forth between two homes, or any parents who may be crammed in a tight apartment right now. The ultra-portable Inglesina Fast Table Chair only weighs 4.2 pounds and clips directly to the dining table. If there’s yummy food and a table or countertop, bam! You’ve got yourself a lightweight highchair that’s easy to clean once you unhook it. You can easily wash the removable covers, too.

What Makes Us Cringe a Little:

This lightweight solution is only meant to be used for up to 36 months of age, which makes sense. There are no shoulder straps, so an overactive toddler would need extra eyes and attention when squirming in this chair. Even with the high backrest and padded seat, the younger babes should be able to sit confidently alone for safety reasons. The absence of a footrest isn’t a dealbreaker for everyone, but it might be for you.

Shop the Best Highchairs 2023 at Unbeatable Prices With Rebelstork

Baby girl eating on the best highchair and holding a water bottle by her hand while wearing a yellow bib, with her foot resting on the highchair tray


Graduating from an exclusive milk diet to the world of veggies, fruits, and crackers is a monumental step in your almost toddler’s life. Make the transition tantrum-free with the best highchair for you and your growing family.

Rebelstork’s unique tech-driven marketplace offers families like you easy access to the best highchairs for up to 80% off retail! Through open-box, overstock, and quality-used highchairs from our beloved Flock, brands, and retailers, you can shop the best highchairs for your babe while also caring for Mama Earth.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

…with the best highchair! Try our 5-minute quiz and get inspired! 


1)  Which of the following best describes your home? 

a. We have a modest-sized home but spice it up with modern accents and intentional interior design.

b. Have you seen rent prices lately? We’re tight on space in our home and our bank account too.

c. We’re living in our spacious dream home and have a lot of room to grow to accommodate our future little ones. 


2) Which of these relationships best describes you and your family?

a. My partner and I like to keep things simple, both in our relationship and in our purchases.

b. I’m doing this parenting gig solo, OR my partner and I will co-parent with as much respect between families as possible.

c. My partner and I are absolutely in love and over the moon (and back) about all things baby gear! 


3) Which of the following is most important to you when purchasing a highchair?

a. Safety

b. Portability

c. Longevity 


If you answered mostly As—you are a Lalo The Chair Convertible 3-in-1 Highchair!

For the mamas who get peace of mind from safety and comfort features like a five-point harness, crotch bar, and two-position footrest, you need something like the Lalo 3-in-1. This IG fave matches the vibes of most kitchen aesthetics. Lalo cares about Mama Earth, just like Rebelstork. That’s why you can upcycle your highchair once the baby outgrows it with Play Legs that turn the highchair into a cute living room chair. We love sustainability! 

If you answered mostly Bs—you are an Inglesina Fast Table Chair! 

For mamas who live in a tight urban apartment, co-parent or leave their baby with grandparents regularly, or just plan to travel a lot with the baby, the Inglesina Fast Table Chair is the best choice. Ever worry about all the germs accumulating in the highchairs at restaurants? Never worry when you have the convenience of this perfectly portable highchair that ensures your baby always has a seat at the table with you at restaurants, on vacations, at Grandma’s, or at home. 


If you answered mostly Cs—you are a Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair!

Mamas who are looking for luxury and longevity can’t go wrong with the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair. It’s a classic wooden design that’s stylish and ergonomic and can eventually become a teen desk chair that holds 242 pounds. Consider the expensive price tag a worthwhile investment when you transform it, resell it  or pass it down to your other future littles.


Rebelstork gets drops daily.  So if you don’t see these brands listed, be sure to check back as new inventory arrives every day!


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