Parents pushing baby must-haves stroller in California

Which Baby Must-Haves Are Trending in LA?

Which Baby Must-Haves Are Trending in LA?

Which baby must-haves are trending in LA?

Baby Must-Haves for LA Parents

We have a huge expecting Flock community shopping Rebelstork who live in LA and we have pulled together Rebelstork’s five baby must-haves for any parent in the city of Angels, known for vibrant entertainment, diverse cultures, and beautiful beaches.

Wearable Breast Pump

Elvie baby must-haves

Imagine this: you're balancing a latte in one hand and your adorable baby in the other, and guess what? You're also seamlessly pumping, thanks to the magic of wearable breast pumps! These nifty devices are discreet and super portable, and they give you the freedom to multitask. You can be cruising down Hollywood Boulevard or pushing your stroller along the beach in Santa Monica, all while providing for your little one.

So, meet your new best friends: Elvie and Willow. Elvie’s sleek, app-controlled design is perfect for the tech-savvy parent. Willow impresses with its innovative, spill-proof technology that fits snugly in your bra. Whether you're at a beach picnic or a cafe meetup, these pumps offer freedom and flexibility!

Rotating Car Seat

rotating car seat baby must-haves

There are a lot of amazing things about LA, but the infamously heavy traffic isn’t one of them. Prepare your little one to spend quality time in the car.

Enter the game-changer: rotating car seats. These seats are like a breath of fresh air in the world of baby gear. No more twisting and turning to get your little one settled in the car. A simple swivel, and voilà – your baby is ready to go, making your life a whole lot easier.

Let's talk about the MVPs in this category. Cybex emphasizes safety with its side-impact protection and a stable 360-degree rotation system. Evenflo seats offer multiple recline angles and an adjustable harness for a secure fit, with an easy rotation mechanism. Maxi-Cosi's seats include essential safety features and allow for smooth rotation, with adjustable settings to accommodate your growing child's needs.

Breathable Baby Carrier

rotating car seat baby must-haves

Parents in LA are all about keeping things cool and comfortable, especially when it comes to baby carriers. With the warm climate and active lifestyle, breathable baby carriers are a dream come true. They're made with airy, lightweight fabrics that keep both parent and baby breezy and comfortable. No more worrying about overheating, just comfort as you and your little one enjoy the Californian sun.

When it comes to breathable baby carriers, Baby Bjorn and Ergobaby lead the pack. Baby Bjorn carriers are known for their minimalistic design and ease of use. The breathable mesh material in their carriers ensures maximum airflow. Ergobaby offers ergonomically designed carriers that distribute weight evenly, making them perfect for longer adventures. They also feature adjustable, padded shoulder straps and breathable fabrics.

Lightweight Stroller

lightweight stroller baby must-haves

If you want to take trips to Santa Monica Pier or Venice Beach to get some fresh air and sunshine with your mini-me, you’ll want to take advantage of a lightweight stroller. In a city where you're constantly on the go, from beachside walks to cafe meetups, a bulky stroller just won't cut it. Lightweight strollers are so light and compact that you can zip through crowded sidewalks and navigate public transport like a breeze. Plus, when it's time to pack up the car for a day trip, they fold down in a snap, leaving plenty of room for all those other baby essentials.

Larktale strollers feature sleek designs that don't compromise on functionality. Their strollers are not just light; they're durable, making them perfect for the hustle and bustle of city life. Babyzen is famous for its YOYO stroller, a superstar in the lightweight category. It's so compact when folded, it can fit in an airplane overhead compartment! And for the budget-conscious, Mompush hits the sweet spot.

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