Traveling With a Baby For The 1st Time This Summer?  Team Rebby Shares Some Tips (From Their Own Personal Experiences)

Traveling With a Baby For The 1st Time This Summer? Team Rebby Shares Some Tips (From Their Own Personal Experiences)

Traveling With a Baby For The 1st Time This Summer? Team Rebby Shares Some Tips (From Their Own Personal Experiences)

They say that traveling with a baby for the first time can reveal a lot about you both! While an enlightening experience for them- new food, experiences & sights, it can also mean an overwhelming experience for parents- unpredictable schedules, long packing lists & cranky behavior. 

Team Rebby has drafted up the Do’s & Don’ts for travelling with your baby for the first time


Be Kind to Yourself

Patience will solve all your problems will most likely ring true when travelling with your baby for the first time.  Whether it is airplane screaming or a car seat blowout the chances are SOMETHING will happen to test your patience.  Be mentally prepared for the unexpected.  

Tip: Blowouts on the go do not need to be a scary thought.  Ensure to pack an Oops There It Is non toxic stain remover + Blowout Bag bundle in your diaper bag to solve all sorts of messes on the go. 


Use Food As An Activity

For babies eating food on a plane is an all-consuming activity on par with watching an iPad. If a baby is tired of listening to books or playing games, break out the finger snacks and let them concentrate on eating.  Load up on bite-sized nibbles that you can stuff in your bag that is not too bulky. An added bonus of eating as an activity is that the kids’ mouths are too full to yell or cry. 

Choose Hands-Free

Hands are a hot commodity when travelling with a baby and ⏤ between carry-on luggage, stroller, diaper bag, and your coffee, not to mention the actual baby ⏤ you simply never have enough of them. Investing in a child carrier and wearing your baby is a smart option.  

Tip: Some of our fave carriers are available here.


Take Selfies Together

It’s a moment in time that you’ll look back on and cherish (even if it proves challenging at times). You won’t regret having this first time memory archived somewhere.

Tip: The Rise Little Earthling Bookcase is a great addition to any nursery for displaying pictures you’ve taken on your latest family adventure!



Create too ridged of a schedule

Eating and sleeping schedules are important for babies, and it is recommended to try and stay as close to them as possible when travelling.  All the other stuff? Just go with the flow. Being prepared for a shifting schedule will create less pressure and stress on you.

Tip: A great travel stroller that reclines deeply will allow your little one to doze off even while on the go, try our collection of lightweight strollersA low-effort food prep system allows you to make delish meals that can be packed up for the airplane or road trip, try our collection of food prep stations



A bad packing strategy can mean you do not get the most out of your fam jam vacation.  The easiest way to avoid this is to never assume & instead do your research.  Research what gear and laundry facilities are already available at your destination.  Research what to expect in terms of weather to help you pack strategically.

Tip- Having a great diaper bag can be helpful to make sure you pack whatever you need at hands reach. Check out the Rebby collection of diaper bags to help make your life easier.


Forget to bring enough wipes + hand sanitizer!

Preparing to feed your baby, getting comfortable in your seat, or grabbing a toy that’s fallen on the ground means you need a quick and effective cleaning routine. Bringing enough wipes and hand sanitizer could make the difference between a smooth or not so smooth journey. It’s a germy world out there, make sure you are prepared!


Overthink it!

If you want to do it- just do it! The most important thing to remember is that you will be fine and you will get to where you’re going. Give yourself extra time and plan as much as you can, after that all that’s left is to enjoy the travel as much as the destination!

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