The Rebelstork Stone Guide - 6 Crystals Moms Need to Know About in 2020

The Rebelstork Stone Guide - 6 Crystals Moms Need to Know About in 2020

What better way to start off 2020 then with a full soul and a vibrant energy!  The Rebelstork team has partnered up with the metaphysical experts at Happy Soul and put together a stone guide for the new decade.  The combination of these stones can help assist us in staying present during Motherhood. In essence, all crystals are healing stones—but choosing the right ones for your stage of life can prove to be very beneficial. It’s no wonder everyone is crushing on crystals, they are beautiful to look at but when mixed correctly they can also assist in helping each of us attract complete abundance as mothers. Here’s our Rebelstork stone guide for all mama’s in 2020: 

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love.  It opens the heart to welcome love and peace while also awakening joy. It deflects negative energy and can help mamas focus on the best part of motherhood…the love. 


Moonstone represents a consistent cycle of reflection and growth.  It can encourage mamas to go with the flow and stay rooted in and appreciate the present moment. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, Moonstone can help stabilize and ground emotions. 


Amazonite is the stone to express freedom.  It encourages mamas to express desires and needs without fear of judgment.  Feel the strength to speak up mamas, your feelings & experiences need to be heard! 

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is known as the ultimate manifesting stone. It has the ability to store the energy of your intentions but is also able to amplify the powerful qualities of other stones in its presence. Clear Quartz is a mothering stone. Just as a mama nurtures their children’s dreams and ambitions, clear quartz has the ability to hold onto the energy of intention and release it into the universe. 


Lepidolite is the stone of transition.  It suits motherhood which is often described as a never-ending series of change. This stone provides a stabilizing and strengthening influence that helps release the past so enjoyment in the present moment  can be achieved with clarity and freedom. It is also said to dissipate negative energy and be useful in protecting against feeling the baby blues.


Amethyst has the traits to enhances your intuition by further connecting you with your third eye Chaka. One of the most important traits of a mama is her intuition which will never lead her astray.  It can ease anxiety and lessen mommy brain memory loss.