The Rebelstork Guide to a More Sustainable Holiday

The Rebelstork Guide to a More Sustainable Holiday

The holidays are about family, fun, festivities and the joy of giving. Unfortunately, the holidays are also accompanied by some not so eco-friendly practices, which can create a lot of waste that really adds up by the end of the holiday season. According to the EPA, in the four weeks leading up to Christmas, household waste increases by 25%. That amounts to an extra 100 million tons of trash making its way to our landfills each week!

So, this year why not make your holiday traditions a little more special by taking a sustainable approach.  The RS team is here to help you plan a holiday using mindful practices, one that your friends and family will be sure never to forget. 
Quality over Quantity
Buy gifts that are meant to last. When we extend the life of quality items we ensure that less ends up in landfills.

Gifts– Sprinkle in some “gift experiences” amongst your tangible gifts. They can create big memories and it also doesn’t usually produce as much waste. Think concert tickets, cooking classes or a long weekend in a secluded cabin away!
Fair Trade– Seek out fair trade gift options. Your purchase will positively impact lives and a community. Fair trade gifts are often handmade & small batch, which are made from recycled or renewable materials,
Buy re-sale– (We preach the importance of re-sale on the daily) BUT it is better for the environment and for your wallet!   

Deck The Halls
One of the best parts about the holiday season are the decorations. Here are some more sustainable options to mix in with the traditional! 

Tree– Head to a local tree farm and choose one from a responsible farmer. How about buying a tree that can be replanted after the holidays?
Lighting– Opt. for LED lights which last longer and use less energy. Better yet, try using eco-friendly coconut candles around the house to create festive table settings and mantle ambiance. 
Ornaments– Tree decorating is one of the best ways to get into the spirit! Try to avoid plastic decorations and use recycled materials like wood! 

Host Sustainably
We can all make a difference, it’s as simple as looking around and seeing where you can get involved.  Leading the change amongst friends and family through hosting sustainably is a great place to start.

Drink– Every holiday party needs its drinks! With so many craft breweries and distilleries popping up it is not difficult to find options that have been made locally or produced using sustainable methods. Not to mention it makes for a good conversation starter amongst guests.
Eat- Want to be classy AND eco-friendly?  Skip the paper and plastic and opt. to serve on glass or ceramic dishware. You will save money (and trees) by using reusables.
Mingle– Get your guests involved! Encourage everyone to go for seconds during meals. Let your guests and family know that you want to create as little food waste as possible.  Encourage any hostess gifts be purchased from a local small business. Allow family and friends to feel a personal contribution towards sustainability.