Monti Kids x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable Collective

Monti Kids x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable Collective

Monti Kids x Rebelstork | Meet the Newest Brand to Join The ReLuvable Collective

Five reasons why Monti Kids, partnered with Rebelstork to bring families a safe and easy way to extend the life of their Montessori Kits and give new families the chance to experience their award winning program. 

Monti Kids has partnered with Rebelstork and joined The ReLuvable™ Collective.  Our recommerce, trade-in program which is a place to come together and extend the life of your quality used baby gear and toys and build a more sustainable baby industry.  We connected with the team at Monti Kids to understand why they decided NOW was the time to enter into this partnership and 5 reasons why extending the life of Montessori Toys is important to them and supports their vision. 

  1. Our mission is making Montessori education accessible to modern families.  We’re excited to give more families access to our products through Rebelstork’s recommerce program, The ReLuvable™ Collective

  2. We’re proud of the quality and design of our products.  Unlike most toys, our authentic Montessori toys are built to last and perfect to pass on to new families when your little one is done using them.

  3. Families are always looking to make smart choices with their money.  The Reluvable™ Collective gives you an instant resale value for your Monti Kids toys so you know exactly what you can earn on your trade-in.

  4. Care for the environment is a Montessori value and one that’s close to us.  We already choose natural, sustainable materials for our toys, and toys that can live on with new families instead of ending up in a landfill is just another way we can be kind to mama earth and our community.

  5. The ReLuvable program makes reselling your pre-loved toys so easy.  And who doesn’t love an easy win! 😊
Here is a bit about Monti Kids - Monti Kids was founded with the mission of helping families support their baby during the most critical years of development. The award winning Monti Kids Program is the only complete service that tells parents what to notice in their child’s behavior, what it means developmentally, and how to support them with expert-designed toys, multi-level development curricula, coaching and inspiring content so that parents feel assured and empowered to nourish their child’s independence and individuality, giving them the best start in life.

    To learn more about the trade-in program or to start selling your Monti Kids Toys start here.

    To learn more about how to join The ReLuvable ™ start here