Pop Quiz - What's Your Bassinet Style?

Pop Quiz - What's Your Bassinet Style?

Bringing a new baby home can be super daunting! You want to watch them at all hours, but you and baby both need to sleep, at least for a few minutes. Bassinets are an awesome choice so baby can be close by while you catch some z’s. 


But there are so many choices! Which one is the right one?   


Here’s a quick quiz to help you pick the right bassinet for your new tiny human.  

 What is your budget? 

A. We run a very fiscally responsible household!

B. I am willing to spend an average amount. 

C. Bring on the bells and whistles, no budget prevention here! 

 What is your space situation like? 

A. Small space, need it as compact as possible. 

B. Have room but do no not want it to take it all up.

C. Space is not a concern!  

 How long do you plan to use the bassinet? 

A. Just a few months between birth and the crib.

B. After birth, but then around the house for naps once the baby is in a crib.

C. As long as possible!


If you answered mostly A’s – Rocking bassinets will do the trick!  

Bily’s Rocking bassinet is a great choice for your new baby. Help lull them to sleep with gentle rocking and soothing music.   

If you answered mostly B’s – Pop up bassinets are for you! 

Bring the bassinet from your bedroom into the living room. The Ingenuity Fold Away Bassinet will let you binge watch your favourtie show from the living room and then sleep close to baby in your bed.   

If you answered mostly C’s – Luxe show stoppers are your style!  

It’s all luxury for your little one! The Monte Rockwell bassinet is sustainably made in Canada using the highest quality materials. And, the basket can be used to hold your baby’s stuff when they outgrow the bassinet. Bonus? It's beautiful in design and looks amazing in any room of the house.

Does your baby love movement to sooth them? No problem! The 4Moms MamaRoo uses movement and sound to help them doze off! 

The Halo Premiere bassiNest holds one of the highest re-sale values in the bassinet category. Once you see how easy it is to swivel your bambino to you for night feedings, you will agree!  


Whether you’re splurging or saving, considering purchasing overstock, open box or quality used items. Your little one will be in their bassinet for a short time. Browse through our selection of bassinet deals here!   

When baby no longer needs the bassinet, sell it back to us! Make some of your money back hassle free while also helping another mama in our FLOCK find their perfect bassinet.